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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Forever 21 Haul

SO... I love Forever 21!!! (mostly because they have stuff that fits me!) So I didn't get all these things at once, this has been over maybe a year or something and my mom had tons of coupons so might as well just go!


This is like a mini sweater thing, and it's super cute! I wore it a lot back in the fall just because that royal blue color was just georgious! It's made out of cotton and has vintage gold buttons on the shoulders. I think when I grow out of this I would use those buttons for something cool



This is a super cute and flowy stripped yellow and white sweater. In the picture it looks orange but in real life it's a soft yellow. I wore this for a whole entire day when it was 95 degrees out side and it
kept me cool because it was so flowy.


This black and white polka dotted dress is what I imagine and lovely lady in Paris wearing to a dinner with bright red lipstick on and some magnificent updo! I wore this to one of my piano concerts and I played a song about France so it was perfect! I love the ruffle sleeves! Get something like this if you are looking for a classic look


This is the coolest sun dress ever! And it's mint green! The print is so girly and spunky and the tie in the middle is just TO DIE FOR! I love it how everything in Forever 21 are just simple things but they have really trendy twists to them that make you want to buy them SO bad!


How retro and classy is this?!? It has pleats which are in right now and the sleeves are kind of puffy so it gives you such a retro look!


Peeter pan collars are supposedly the best right now and I agree! I always wear white under it but I'm thinking other colors like navy and other cream colors would work. What do you think? I love the lace!


I wore this to a brunch like thing on Easter and it seemed to fit very well! It is very vintage and classy, I wore it with a jeans jacket! I am loving the floral and buttons on the shoulder these days!


This is my most recent buy along with the yellow stripe sweater (I am going crazy with stripes, so trendy right now!) so I have been wearing it a lot latley. It has a really cool kind of towel feeling texture in the inside but it's pure cotton in th outside. I love stripes and cotton and blue so I got it. :) 


I. Wear. This. Practically. Every. Day. I don't know how long it's been since I bought this. Probably a 2 or 3 years! Ha, and they said Forever 21 stuff doesn't last... I wear this with every dress, every shirt, and every blouse. It's so comfy too!


I didn't even know I had this till about 2 seconds ago! I just found a forever 21 bag on the round and I was about to throw it away when I looked inside and here this was! It's like the angles gave me a present:) I mean HEY I'll keep it! All the detail on this is really cute, I think this gives you and edgy look but not completley over the edge. :)

That's it! Wow, that took a while!! So hopefully you guys can see my sense of style through all of these buys! I love all of these clothes and if you find something similar, get it!!!

Have fun doing what your doing this summer!

-Katie Faith