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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Standardized Testing: How To Survive!

I don't know about you other people but in my school out standardized testing starts this week. (ugh) I am definitely panicked but I shouldn't be because there is nothing I can do about it! Anyways, you can't study for these babies so might as well just do what you can! Alright lets get started!


So at my school we have uniforms so we don't have a choice but if you don't have uniforms seriously, wear something comfy! I mean you don't want to wear some annoying shirt thing that you always fiddle with, just wear what ever you feel relaxed in and manageable in. And wear your most comfortable shoes too. If we didn't have uniforms I'd be wearing jeans, a sweatshirt and converse!


The same thing as clothes, wear what ever style is comfortable with you. It may be pulled back, but for me sometimes pulling my hair back in some tight pony tail or bun gives me a headache and it just hurts! But if it's comfortable to you, go for it! Also, don't wear a tight headband or huge hair accessory that rubs or sometimes bothers you.


Yes, you read that right. Nails. If you are like me and painting your nails keeps you from biting you nails, paint them right now! You don't want to sit there being all nervous while taking the test and biting your nails! It's not good for you nails and trust me, it doesn't help you calm down either. Just relax and fill in those those answer bubbles with pretty nails!


This might be a time of stress to you so just give yourself some time to a DIY mask or do something special with your hair. I mean just accept it, things like this makes girls happy! So do this so you can be happy and feeling beautiful! I would suggest doing this 2 -3 times during the school week. Make Monday, Wednesday, and Friday your pamper days! I will do a tutorial for another mask tomorrow.

Cleaning Yourself

When you take a shower take it with warm water, this opens up the pores on your head so you can get all the gunk out! Haha! Also take a soothing bath on your pamper days and put some bath salts in with Eucalyptus or Lavender, this will help you clear your mind and feel relaxed. Always remember to put some lotion on too! This also relaxes you and makes your skin feel great.


Last but not least, you health matters the most. I can not express this highly enough, go to sleep early!!!
I have to admit I haven't done this other years but this year I have made a pledge to go to sleep at 8:30. Even if I can't fall asleep I'm still getting in the bed at that time. Then, set your alarm clock with just enough time for you to get ready and then get going to school. Just so you can sleep as much as possible. If you wake up early, great! You can do extra homework or something.

Remember also to eat a healthy breakfast! Bring a bottle of water to school and always have it with you while your taking the tests and bring a healthy snack too!

If you usually take vitamins, great! But if you don't, now is the time! I love getting the little kiddie ones that support your brain! Yay! (I also love the ones that are gummy bears!!!!)

Okay hope this helped you guys a little! I know it's a lot of typing and no pictures but you get the point right? Alright, I wish you guys luck this week or whenever your testing week is! I'm gonna get in my bed and watch a movie because it's one of those rainy movie days. :)

- Katie Faith

Friday, April 20, 2012

Exfoliating with Sugar!

Hey y'all I am so sorry I haven't been posting in a week!!! There was a lot of homework this week and I was just super busy so sorry!! Anyways this is a quick little recipe to make your own exfoliating. Let's go! 

You will need: 

  • Bowl 
  • Spoon 
  • Measuring 
  • Spoons 
  • Sugar 
  • Baby oil 

Step 1

Get out a bowl, the size doesn't matter.

 Step 2

Take the sugar and measure 3 table spoons of it and pour it into the bowl.

Step 3

Then pour 2 table spoons of baby oil into the bowl.

Step 4

Mix in to a paste with a spoon.

Step 5

Then take a shower, and you can use this! Just don't put it on your face.

Yay! Really simple right? Anyways, I have tried this before and it makes your skin so incredibly soft and silky! I love it!!! Have a fun weekend! 

-Katie Faith

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Nail Tutorial: Swirly Nails

SO now that school has started up and everything I won't be posting as much but of course I will still be doing this! You can count on me posting probably about 5 times a week. Okay? Sounds good to me! So anyways this is a nail tutorial for swirly nails. Now Rosie, you actually did this to me a while ago and I was reading some magazine and it was talking about how to do it and stuff and they said it was a pretty big trend now. So all your thanks should go to Rosie for doing this even before it was a trend!!!! Yay! This nail design takes no artsy kind of talent what so ever. That's why I love it because I stink at art! Haha so lets go!

You will need

  • a bowl of water
  • 2 or 3 nail polishes
  • toothpick 
  • paper towels (lots) 
  • Q-tips
  • nail polish remover
  • top coat (and bottom coat)
Step 1: Prep

So you are going to get the place you are doing your nails ready so you won't get it all messy and whatever. Get all of your supplies too. 

Then paint a clear bottom coat on your nails, you may not usually do this but it helps the shin of the top coat. I don't have a clear polish but if you do you should use it.

Step 2: Color

Put one drop from each nail polish (I'm using purple, yellow, and orange my favorite colors!) right smack dab in the middle of the bowl. Since the yellow didn't really show up, I just used purple and orange.

Step 3: Swirl

Take your toothpick and drag it from the middle out, or the out to the middle. Make any design you want.

Step 4: Dip

Then simply dip your finger in to the water with your nail flat on top. Try as hard as you can to not get it on your skin. If you do it's okay, you can fix it later. 

Use as many designs as you want in the first drops that you do. Then when you use all you want up, re-do it again. To get rid of it, take your toothpick and stir it around your finger. It should look like this. Yikes!

Step 5: Fix

Immediately after you get your finger out, take the paper towel and wipe off as much nail polish as you can. 

Step 6: Repeat 

Do this with all of your fingers!

Step 7: Double Check

When your nails are dry, if you have remaining nail polish on your skin, put some nail polish remover on a Q-tip and rub it where the remaining nail polish is. 

Step 8: Complete

Once they are dry, put on a top coat of clear nail polish. Like I said I don't have any so I won't be doing that! 

This is the complete look! I love these nails! So cool! 

This camera is really bad!! Haha!

And thanks to Rosie for teaching me this a while ago! And thanks to the world for realizing this is an awesome trend! Talk to y'all later!

- Katie Faith 

Monday, April 9, 2012

DIY Mask: Yogurt & Oatmeal

Do you know how great yogurt and oatmeal are for your skin? They are! This mask will bring together two ingredients that are incredibly good for your skin. You can make this mask in only 4 easy steps! So what are we waiting for?! These are the good things about yogurt and oatmeal.


Yogurt really helps sooth your skin and makes your skin glow. Lots of diary products are good for your skin, because the milk or cream is so nourishing and moisturizing for you skin.


Oatmeal has lots of nutrients that are very good for your skin. It hydrates your skin and also makes it nice and glowy. It takes away irritation and dead cells, and gives you soft skin.

Alright lets get started!

You will need:

  • 2 and 1/2 tablespoons plain yogurt 
  • 2 teaspoons oatmeal
  • measuring spoons
  • bowl
  • spoon

Step 1

Get out some yogurt. Scoop 2 and 1/2 tablespoons of plain yogurt into a bowl. 

Step 2

Then add 2 teaspoons of oatmeal to the yogurt in the bowl. 

Step 3 

Mix together very well with a spoon.

Step 4

Apply on skin with a brush (that you don't use for makeup) and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes. Do this twice a week.

Pretty easy, huh? This mask is my favorite! Tell me how you like it!

-Katie Faith 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter you guys! You know I think this is my most favorite holiday! I love going to church and everybody is dressed up and we get to celebrate our Savoir Jesus Chirst raising from the dead. I mean thats just a little cool!!!!!!! So first day using my iPad for a while... It feels weird. So I'm actually writing my post on this. Did you guys go all obsessive over the stuff you gave up?! My family did! So anyways I just want to share with you guys my new favorite chapter of the Bible, John:20. You guys should read it. Right here. Right now. Even if it's not even Easter day when you are reading this you can still apreciate it. I am going to tell you guys my favorite parts.

John 20: 14-16

At this, she turned around and saw Jesus standing there, but she did not realize that it was Jesus. "Women," he said , "why are you crying? Who is it you are looking for?" Thinking it was the gardner, she said, "Sir, if you have carried him away, tell me where you have out him, and I will get him." Jesus said to her, "Mary."

 Okay, how magnificent is that? Just him saying "Mary." made here understand completely what was going on. It's like me trying to get my mom to listen to me when she is having a panic attack. I just say "Mom." and she just looks at me.

 I guess you could, well of course you could think of it this way. Mary was having a panic attack like my mom will. So my mom is saying "Oh my goodness, where is my phone?! I can't find it! I could have left it at the store!" But in this case, it was much worse. She was weeping and saying "Where is my beloved teacher? He is not here in his tomb." Just think how scary that would have felt if you walked to see someone in a tomb and all you saw there was those persons clothes neatly folded on the tomb and no one was there anymore? I would totally freak out! It would scare the heebie jeebies out of me!!! So here is Mary saying to Jesus who she thinks is a gardner saying "Where is he? I will do anything to get him." And that's like my mom saying "Katie, we are going to have to go back to all the stores we went to!" While I'm sitting there trying to tell my mom that she is holding her phone but she won't stop talking. You know I can see it, Mary telling this guy she will do anything to find where Jesus is when Jesus himself is the guy standing right there trying to tell Mary that he is right in front of her.

 Then there is that moment of realizing everything is absoloutly fine. And you let out all the air you were holding in, and sit back relaxed in your chair. That moment when I say "Mom, your holding your phone." But in this story, all Jesus has to say is, "Mary." And she knowes.

 It's him.

We have to remember to listen for Jesus calling out names like that. When we are freaking out, He just wants us to be still. He died on the cross for us and forgave us. We're pretty lucky. So why would we be sad about things and get frantic don't matter when the big picture is Jesus? I don't know, but today or even if it isn't Easter when you are looking at this, just be still and focus on that big picture. Try to hear him saying, "Why are you crying? Who is it you are looking for?" and answer to him "I am looking for you."

 My mom tells me that when people say "Amen" they are agreeing with what that person just said. Well, all I have to say then is, Amen to that.

 Happy Easter.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Twisty Braid

Since Karly has her party soon I am going to make this quick! So this is a really cool braid and it looks like a normal braid but it's actually different. When your hair is wet you can do this and one it is dry it will be so wavy! Anyways here is how to do it!

You will need:

  • 1 hair thing 
  • bobby pins (if you need them)

Step 1

Gather your hair to one side. 

Step 2

Part you are hair in 2 sections.

Step 3

Twist those 2 sections into the tightest twist you can do! (It's okay if you let go a little at the bottom of the twist but it's not okay if you let go and make it loose)

Haha, my mom is looking for something!
Step 4

Now you are going to twist these 2 sections together into one twist. (see now why I call it the twisty braid?! Haha) Twist as tight as you can!!!

Step 5 

Keep going till you get to the bottom.

Step 6 

Pin back anything you want to. I pin back my bangs and my hair in the opposite side of the braid so it won't fall out. 

Yay! Your Twisty Braid! This was just a fun quick post so I hope y'all liked it! See some of you guys in an hour! 

-Katie Faith

Friday, April 6, 2012

Quiz Friday: Your Skin Type

This is the first Quiz Friday! Yay! I'm excited! I had a creepy dream last night maybe blogging will help! Anyways, you might already know your skin type but if for some reason you don't or just want to make sure I made a quiz! It only has 5 questions so don't freak out. This is just for fun! This quiz will help you know you skin type and know what kind of care to give it. Start when you are ready!

1) What is your face like a couple hours after you wash it?

a) it gets greasy
b) it gets red and flakey
c) it gets greasy in some places and flakey in others
d) it is clean and soft

2) What is most likely to show up on your face?

a) pimples
b) redness/peeling
c) a little bit of pimples and redness
d) I guess zits but only every now and then

3) My face is it's worst in...

a) summer, it's so hot!
b) winter, brrrrr!
c) it's not so good in either
d) my skin is fine in those seasons

4) It feels the most awesome when I can...

a) splash water and scrub some soap on my face
b) put some lotion on
c) I love them both!
d) it depends on what season it is

5) When you wake up your face is...

a) greasy
b) tight and sometimes flaky
c) greasy in some parts, dry in others
d) soft

Yay! Your quiz is done now look here for your skin type:

If you answered mostly A's...
I heart this stuff!
You have Oily Skin. Since it's getting hot outside, this is when you skin can be it's worst. Your pores fill up with oil and when you come back from school you end up with a slab of oil on your forehead! I have oily skin so I know how you feel.
You should wash you face twice a day with preferably oil free soap or cleanser and most importantly at night because all the dirt and build up from that day is on your face, and you don't want to go to sleep and then have all of that rub on your pillow. Focus on using toner some more. Your mom might have some that you can try or ask her if you can try it. It makes your pores tighter and sucks up the grease so you have a less chance of later that day  having a greasy feeling. Bring some oil absorbing sheets to school just incase your face gets really oily that day. Also, try using an exfoliating scrub.

I have this scrub, I love it! And it's oil free!

If you answered mostly B's...

You have Dry Skin. For you winter is hard to deal with, after you've gone walking in the cold, all you can think of is how itchy and red your skin is. You can't wait to get home and massage some lotion on your face. This can be a very uncomfortable feeling, and sometimes it can happen in the warmer seasons too.
This is a cream cleanser (looks like one above)
Use a mild cleanser, because dry skin tends to be more sensitive so you don't want any harsh ingredients in your cleanser. Use a cream cleanser because they are moisturizing. I would not suggest using bar soap because that can really end up drying your face out even more. Don't use a toner, stick with a light moisturizer. Go to your drugstore and find an moisturizer that will ease your skin, and that is for oily skin. Keep some with you throughout the day incase your face flares up with redness or itchiness. Try some moisturizing face masks.

This is the moisturizing mask
And this is the easing lotion 

If you answered mostly C's...
You have Combination Skin. This means you have well, a combination of oily and dry skin. With most girls, the oily parts are your forehead, nose, and chin. And the dry part is your cheeks. There is always something to deal with every season, either the oiliness in Spring and Summer, or the dryness in Winter and Fall.  I used to have this kind of skin but my skin was always more on the oily side.
Use a cleanser and cleanse twice a day you can use a combination of a toner and a moisturizer. Ask your mom if you can try out her toner or ask her if you can go to your drugstore and buy some. Put this on the oily parts of your skin. It will tighten your pores and suck up the grease. Then add a light lotion to your cheeks and sometimes your neck so it doesn't get as dry.

This is the scrub, cleanser, and lotion! 

If you answered mostly D's...
You have Normal Skin. Thats pretty awesome! Even though you have normal skin, you should still care for it. It has it's own special routine!
Cleanse twice a day. (I would think with a cleanser) Try using a refreshing mask or a exfoliating scrub about 2 or 3 times a week. Use a slight dab of moisturizer because it's good to stay moisturized.

Wow that's a ton of stuff but you didn't have to read all of it because you guys answered differently! (As you can tell) I would suggest the Clean & Clear line of cleansers and everything. They are affordable and they really work! Anyways, comment below what you got! I have oily skin :/ Haha talk to you guys later!

-Katie Faith

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Beachy Waves

Awh, it's kinda rainy today. But we won't let that ruin our miss-lovely-ness! Today I am going to show y'all how to get beachy waves. Of course I would know because I was just in Hawii! Everytime we went swimming in the ocean my hair would get curly. Why?  The saltwater of course! My hair got super curly and wavy and I loved it! Even if you already have curly hair, you could try this out to give it a more wavy feel. You can do this in 9 really easy steps. Let's get started!

You will need:
  • The hair products you use after you use after you take a shower
  • water about 1/2 a cup
  • 2 tsp. salt (depends)
  • hair thing (Why do people call them "hair elastics"?!)

Step 1:

You are gonna want to take a shower the morning before you want your hair curly. So say I want my hair curly on Monday, I would take my shower on Sunday morning. Anyways, take a shower, shampoo and condition you hair (duh) and when you get out, brush your hair through.

Step 2:

Then evenly spread out an anti-frizz cream through your hair. This will help because drying your hair without a dryer and making your hair curly can cause your hair to frizz up. I use Aussie anti-frizz cream.

Step 3:

Next add whatever you usually add to your hair after you get out of the shower. I use "It's a 10 miracle leave-in product" it does everything! I love this stuff you should try it out.

And then I spray on a little bit of shine spray that also nourishes, seals and protects the hair. This is "Fructis Triple Nutrition Nutrient Spray".

And remember this is just what I use. Do your normal routine.

Step 4:

Once you have done your routine, head down stairs to make your salt water. And it's okay if your hair starts to dry while you are making the salt water. First, well get a glass of water! I used half a cup but you are not going to put that much salt water on your hair!! You can just keep the rest in the fridge and use it another time.

Step 5:

Then add about 2 teaspoons of salt. You can add more or less depending on how many curls you want. 

Step 6:
Then stir, stir, stir!

Step 7:

It would be much better if you pour it in an empty spray bottle, but I didn't at the time so I just dipped my hand in and scrunched it in my hair.

Step 8: 

Put your hair in a bun! It's that easy!

Step 9:

Since it's going to take a while for the hair out side the bun and especially the hair inside the bun to dry, you are going to leave it in all day. So just relax and do what you do! You could watch TV... (I would suggest the food channel haha)

Or you could sleep...

Or you could work on your essay! Hahaha  

Now what makes you think I don't want to do my essay? :P

Step 10: 

When you go to sleep take out your bun, if your hair isn't dry yet thats okay. Just take your hair out, don't brush it through and sleep. In the morning you should have soft beachy-like waves! This is what I got a couple days ago when I did it. I will post a picture tomorrow morning of what it looked like this time. 

It doesn't show up well, sorry! I will just post the picture tomorrow. Thanks for reading you guys! Comment below what your trick is to wavy hair. 

You might want to take a shower that night because well, when you come back from the beach don't you take a shower? You don't want to leave salt water in your hair for too long. So, it would be a good idea to do that. 

-Katie Faith

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter Look

So I just got back from an attempt to go to the zoo... but it's such a beautiful day I thought I'd do something outside! So today I am going to be talking to y'all about your Easter look. You really want to set the mood for Easter and how you feel about it. And you don't want to have any catastrophes like I did on Palm Sunday (everyone was wearing dark clothes and I was wearing a floral dress, whoops!). Anyways, lets get started!


When you think of Easter what's the first color that pops into your mind? For me it's pastel pinks, yellows, purples and of course white. First of all it depends on what dress/skirt/shirt you are wearing and what colors go with it, but if you're starting from scratch start off with this. 

Dress or Skirt

I am guessing some of y'all know what you are wearing for Easter. I do! I am wearing my Swing Dance dress. If you don't know what you are wearing, go into your closet and with your Easter colors in mind just pull out everything from your closet that are those colors or one of those colors. I like calling this the random stage! (tehe) So this is my random stage.

Then just point to each piece of clothing and in 2 seconds (or shorter) say whether you want to wear it or not. I call this the first impression stage.

 (I put everything in stages haha) Then focus on the pieces that you could easily make an outfit with. What stage is this? The outfit stage!

 Then once you have narrowed it down to a few outfits just choose what you want to wear. Simple! If you are really stuck, try each outfit on. Which one makes you feel beautiful, easter-like, and like a miss lovely? :)


Oh yeah!


First, find out if you want your hair up or down. Which one goes better with your outfit?Or which one feels more comfortable? My 2 choices are my hair down and curled or my hair in a side braid. Either way I want to put flowers in my hair. You like the idea? You should try it out too! So I'm gonna go outside and see which flowers would be good in my hair. I am going to choose one of my Easter colors that I like, pink!

Go into your back yard, and see what flowers go with your outfit.  First I am going to put my hair in a side braid, (or you could do this with any braid or you hair down)

Then I'm going to pick my flowers with about a 1 inch stem. 

Then I will poke the stem through a section of my hair and secure the stem to the back of my hair with a bobby pin. 

Keep going till you get to this!


You guessed it I am going with my beloved sandals. (Yeah, I don't think I'll be wearing my cowboy boots to church... Haha) Sandals, flats, flip flops what ever floats your boat! I would do what's comfortable because it can be a long service sometimes. 


Since pink is in my hair, I am going to paint my nails a soft pink. Find a color you have in your outfit or hair and tie everything together by painting your nails that same color. 
They are really bad because I did them really fast... sorry!

Finished look! Do you like it?

Thanks y'all for reading! I hope this was somewhat helpful. I don't know. I will talk to you tomorrow on my next post. For now comment below what you are wearing for easter. I'd like to know!

-Katie Faith