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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter Look

So I just got back from an attempt to go to the zoo... but it's such a beautiful day I thought I'd do something outside! So today I am going to be talking to y'all about your Easter look. You really want to set the mood for Easter and how you feel about it. And you don't want to have any catastrophes like I did on Palm Sunday (everyone was wearing dark clothes and I was wearing a floral dress, whoops!). Anyways, lets get started!


When you think of Easter what's the first color that pops into your mind? For me it's pastel pinks, yellows, purples and of course white. First of all it depends on what dress/skirt/shirt you are wearing and what colors go with it, but if you're starting from scratch start off with this. 

Dress or Skirt

I am guessing some of y'all know what you are wearing for Easter. I do! I am wearing my Swing Dance dress. If you don't know what you are wearing, go into your closet and with your Easter colors in mind just pull out everything from your closet that are those colors or one of those colors. I like calling this the random stage! (tehe) So this is my random stage.

Then just point to each piece of clothing and in 2 seconds (or shorter) say whether you want to wear it or not. I call this the first impression stage.

 (I put everything in stages haha) Then focus on the pieces that you could easily make an outfit with. What stage is this? The outfit stage!

 Then once you have narrowed it down to a few outfits just choose what you want to wear. Simple! If you are really stuck, try each outfit on. Which one makes you feel beautiful, easter-like, and like a miss lovely? :)


Oh yeah!


First, find out if you want your hair up or down. Which one goes better with your outfit?Or which one feels more comfortable? My 2 choices are my hair down and curled or my hair in a side braid. Either way I want to put flowers in my hair. You like the idea? You should try it out too! So I'm gonna go outside and see which flowers would be good in my hair. I am going to choose one of my Easter colors that I like, pink!

Go into your back yard, and see what flowers go with your outfit.  First I am going to put my hair in a side braid, (or you could do this with any braid or you hair down)

Then I'm going to pick my flowers with about a 1 inch stem. 

Then I will poke the stem through a section of my hair and secure the stem to the back of my hair with a bobby pin. 

Keep going till you get to this!


You guessed it I am going with my beloved sandals. (Yeah, I don't think I'll be wearing my cowboy boots to church... Haha) Sandals, flats, flip flops what ever floats your boat! I would do what's comfortable because it can be a long service sometimes. 


Since pink is in my hair, I am going to paint my nails a soft pink. Find a color you have in your outfit or hair and tie everything together by painting your nails that same color. 
They are really bad because I did them really fast... sorry!

Finished look! Do you like it?

Thanks y'all for reading! I hope this was somewhat helpful. I don't know. I will talk to you tomorrow on my next post. For now comment below what you are wearing for easter. I'd like to know!

-Katie Faith 

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