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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Twisty Braid

Since Karly has her party soon I am going to make this quick! So this is a really cool braid and it looks like a normal braid but it's actually different. When your hair is wet you can do this and one it is dry it will be so wavy! Anyways here is how to do it!

You will need:

  • 1 hair thing 
  • bobby pins (if you need them)

Step 1

Gather your hair to one side. 

Step 2

Part you are hair in 2 sections.

Step 3

Twist those 2 sections into the tightest twist you can do! (It's okay if you let go a little at the bottom of the twist but it's not okay if you let go and make it loose)

Haha, my mom is looking for something!
Step 4

Now you are going to twist these 2 sections together into one twist. (see now why I call it the twisty braid?! Haha) Twist as tight as you can!!!

Step 5 

Keep going till you get to the bottom.

Step 6 

Pin back anything you want to. I pin back my bangs and my hair in the opposite side of the braid so it won't fall out. 

Yay! Your Twisty Braid! This was just a fun quick post so I hope y'all liked it! See some of you guys in an hour! 

-Katie Faith

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