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Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Fashion Trends

So even though Spring actually started about 10 days ago I'm finally starting to get that springy feeling! These are my favorite trends of Spring 2012. So, with my helpful magazines lets get started! 

#1. Colorblocking 

I had the most perfect dress example for this but I returned it :( It was so cute but too big. Anyways, I love this trend! It's so modern-like but not too crazy. I think this trend would look good on anyone! It goes from clutches, to skirts, to dresses, to tops. I would suggest picking 3 of your favorite colors and then blocking away! 

#2. Ankle Straps

Although in my magazine the actual trend is ankle strap heels, what's wrong with ankle strap sandals? These are the things I look forward to wearing the most when Spring comes
around. I got mine from DSW (best place ever) and there are sooo many kinds and styles and colors you can choose from. 

#3. Mint Green

This is my new favorite color of all time! It looks good on everyone, mostly blonds and brunettes though. In the picture my shirt looks really blue but it's mint in real life. I was thinking this would be a great color for your nails. You think of something and comment below! This color can be on anything.
#4. Blue & Green Jewelry 

So I thought this was a pretty cool trend. Blue and Green are great colors together, they make you feel like your in the ocean. I think you could wear this with colors more on the cool side but it depends. I think those big blue and green river stone necklaces are gorgeous. One of the necklaces I have on is an African paper necklace. Like it? Learn more about it at

#5. Florals

By far my favorite fashion anything in the whole world! Yep, I'm a floral girl! There are so many ways you can go with it. For me it's with skirts and dresses. For you it might be blouses and accessories. To me it's the most chic, classy, retro yet still modern style. I like to wear floral dresses with a brown/lace headband and/or with my sandals above. 

#6. Neon

Now I know you won't be seeing your mom going to work in a neon blazer, (well, maybe) but I'm definitely not talking about the neon that bikers wear in the night that you can see for miles. I'm talking about the chic neon. (Kinda hard to believe I know) It's actually just like the bold colors that you use in colorblocking, but just a smidge lighter.

(And remember I'm not suggesting these styles... yikes!)

Wow. That took me a while! If you actually got down to here (which would be hard to believe) thanks for reading! Comment below of your favorite Spring Trend.

-Katie Faith 

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