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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Standardized Testing: How To Survive!

I don't know about you other people but in my school out standardized testing starts this week. (ugh) I am definitely panicked but I shouldn't be because there is nothing I can do about it! Anyways, you can't study for these babies so might as well just do what you can! Alright lets get started!


So at my school we have uniforms so we don't have a choice but if you don't have uniforms seriously, wear something comfy! I mean you don't want to wear some annoying shirt thing that you always fiddle with, just wear what ever you feel relaxed in and manageable in. And wear your most comfortable shoes too. If we didn't have uniforms I'd be wearing jeans, a sweatshirt and converse!


The same thing as clothes, wear what ever style is comfortable with you. It may be pulled back, but for me sometimes pulling my hair back in some tight pony tail or bun gives me a headache and it just hurts! But if it's comfortable to you, go for it! Also, don't wear a tight headband or huge hair accessory that rubs or sometimes bothers you.


Yes, you read that right. Nails. If you are like me and painting your nails keeps you from biting you nails, paint them right now! You don't want to sit there being all nervous while taking the test and biting your nails! It's not good for you nails and trust me, it doesn't help you calm down either. Just relax and fill in those those answer bubbles with pretty nails!


This might be a time of stress to you so just give yourself some time to a DIY mask or do something special with your hair. I mean just accept it, things like this makes girls happy! So do this so you can be happy and feeling beautiful! I would suggest doing this 2 -3 times during the school week. Make Monday, Wednesday, and Friday your pamper days! I will do a tutorial for another mask tomorrow.

Cleaning Yourself

When you take a shower take it with warm water, this opens up the pores on your head so you can get all the gunk out! Haha! Also take a soothing bath on your pamper days and put some bath salts in with Eucalyptus or Lavender, this will help you clear your mind and feel relaxed. Always remember to put some lotion on too! This also relaxes you and makes your skin feel great.


Last but not least, you health matters the most. I can not express this highly enough, go to sleep early!!!
I have to admit I haven't done this other years but this year I have made a pledge to go to sleep at 8:30. Even if I can't fall asleep I'm still getting in the bed at that time. Then, set your alarm clock with just enough time for you to get ready and then get going to school. Just so you can sleep as much as possible. If you wake up early, great! You can do extra homework or something.

Remember also to eat a healthy breakfast! Bring a bottle of water to school and always have it with you while your taking the tests and bring a healthy snack too!

If you usually take vitamins, great! But if you don't, now is the time! I love getting the little kiddie ones that support your brain! Yay! (I also love the ones that are gummy bears!!!!)

Okay hope this helped you guys a little! I know it's a lot of typing and no pictures but you get the point right? Alright, I wish you guys luck this week or whenever your testing week is! I'm gonna get in my bed and watch a movie because it's one of those rainy movie days. :)

- Katie Faith

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