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Friday, April 6, 2012

Quiz Friday: Your Skin Type

This is the first Quiz Friday! Yay! I'm excited! I had a creepy dream last night maybe blogging will help! Anyways, you might already know your skin type but if for some reason you don't or just want to make sure I made a quiz! It only has 5 questions so don't freak out. This is just for fun! This quiz will help you know you skin type and know what kind of care to give it. Start when you are ready!

1) What is your face like a couple hours after you wash it?

a) it gets greasy
b) it gets red and flakey
c) it gets greasy in some places and flakey in others
d) it is clean and soft

2) What is most likely to show up on your face?

a) pimples
b) redness/peeling
c) a little bit of pimples and redness
d) I guess zits but only every now and then

3) My face is it's worst in...

a) summer, it's so hot!
b) winter, brrrrr!
c) it's not so good in either
d) my skin is fine in those seasons

4) It feels the most awesome when I can...

a) splash water and scrub some soap on my face
b) put some lotion on
c) I love them both!
d) it depends on what season it is

5) When you wake up your face is...

a) greasy
b) tight and sometimes flaky
c) greasy in some parts, dry in others
d) soft

Yay! Your quiz is done now look here for your skin type:

If you answered mostly A's...
I heart this stuff!
You have Oily Skin. Since it's getting hot outside, this is when you skin can be it's worst. Your pores fill up with oil and when you come back from school you end up with a slab of oil on your forehead! I have oily skin so I know how you feel.
You should wash you face twice a day with preferably oil free soap or cleanser and most importantly at night because all the dirt and build up from that day is on your face, and you don't want to go to sleep and then have all of that rub on your pillow. Focus on using toner some more. Your mom might have some that you can try or ask her if you can try it. It makes your pores tighter and sucks up the grease so you have a less chance of later that day  having a greasy feeling. Bring some oil absorbing sheets to school just incase your face gets really oily that day. Also, try using an exfoliating scrub.

I have this scrub, I love it! And it's oil free!

If you answered mostly B's...

You have Dry Skin. For you winter is hard to deal with, after you've gone walking in the cold, all you can think of is how itchy and red your skin is. You can't wait to get home and massage some lotion on your face. This can be a very uncomfortable feeling, and sometimes it can happen in the warmer seasons too.
This is a cream cleanser (looks like one above)
Use a mild cleanser, because dry skin tends to be more sensitive so you don't want any harsh ingredients in your cleanser. Use a cream cleanser because they are moisturizing. I would not suggest using bar soap because that can really end up drying your face out even more. Don't use a toner, stick with a light moisturizer. Go to your drugstore and find an moisturizer that will ease your skin, and that is for oily skin. Keep some with you throughout the day incase your face flares up with redness or itchiness. Try some moisturizing face masks.

This is the moisturizing mask
And this is the easing lotion 

If you answered mostly C's...
You have Combination Skin. This means you have well, a combination of oily and dry skin. With most girls, the oily parts are your forehead, nose, and chin. And the dry part is your cheeks. There is always something to deal with every season, either the oiliness in Spring and Summer, or the dryness in Winter and Fall.  I used to have this kind of skin but my skin was always more on the oily side.
Use a cleanser and cleanse twice a day you can use a combination of a toner and a moisturizer. Ask your mom if you can try out her toner or ask her if you can go to your drugstore and buy some. Put this on the oily parts of your skin. It will tighten your pores and suck up the grease. Then add a light lotion to your cheeks and sometimes your neck so it doesn't get as dry.

This is the scrub, cleanser, and lotion! 

If you answered mostly D's...
You have Normal Skin. Thats pretty awesome! Even though you have normal skin, you should still care for it. It has it's own special routine!
Cleanse twice a day. (I would think with a cleanser) Try using a refreshing mask or a exfoliating scrub about 2 or 3 times a week. Use a slight dab of moisturizer because it's good to stay moisturized.

Wow that's a ton of stuff but you didn't have to read all of it because you guys answered differently! (As you can tell) I would suggest the Clean & Clear line of cleansers and everything. They are affordable and they really work! Anyways, comment below what you got! I have oily skin :/ Haha talk to you guys later!

-Katie Faith

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